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This is my 150mm Sky-watcher refractor on its EQ6 mount. I like to use this telescope for visual work although I do fit a CCD MX516 camera to it for double star imaging. The 80mm refractor that sits on top is for auto guiding the mount. It uses an Orion StarShoot Autoguider camera.

The mount has wheels on the column base so that I can just roll it into the plastic garden storage cupboard when not in use.

This is another 80mm Sky-watcher refractor that I can use for wide field astro imaging with a DSLR Canon 450D camera. This picture shows it with the Orion StarShoot Autoguider attached, all mounted on a EQ3 tripod mount.

Auto guiding is accomplished with the PHD software, while the main camera (not shown) uses the EOS backyard software for image capture.

This setup can be run all evening on two rechargeable power tank batteries.

This is my most recent acquisition, a Sky-watcher 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope that I can inter change with the 80mm refractor so that I can image deep sky objects at a greater image resolution. The EQ3 mount handles this tube very well for photography but is not really sturdy enough to use visually due to image shake when the eye touches the eyepiece. Focusing a camera can be achieved quite successfully with a careful touch of the focuser.

Again two power packs will drive the setup for many hours.