My roll off roof telescope cover

All equipment Roof open Telescope cover The roof runner when open
This is the mini garden tool shed that covers the telescope which is set up inside ready to work.
The modified roof runs on heavy duty drawer runners, it opens fully and is self supporting, so no extra rail track is required.
The roof opens smoothly and only requires one hand to operate it. (See videos 1 and 4 right)
The telescope is a Skywatcher 120mm refractor on a EQ6 mount and fitted with a ZWO auto focuser and mini filter wheel before a ZWO ASI183 mono camera. Guiding is accomplished with a Orion Starshoot Autoguider. All components connected via ASCOM to a laptop sitting to the left of the column, which in turn is operated by a further computer indoors via wi-fi. Video 2 show the telescope slewing onto an object ready to observe, while video 3 show it parking to a defined position ready to shut the roof.