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Like most amateur astronomers these days, I use computer software to help with planning an evening’s viewing, producing finder charts, driving telescopes and cameras, then processing observations during the cloudy evenings that usually follow a spell of good viewing skies. This list of software are packages that I use for most of my endeavours. I mention these software programs not because I have any commercial benefit, but because I regard them as excellent programs that might be of use if  any are unknown to you.

Planning software: -  

Astroplanner from by Paul Rodman.

Occult 4 from by David Herald (Freeware)

Lunar Occultation Workbench from by Eric Limburg (Freeware)

Charting software: -

SkyMap Pro 11 from by Chris Marriott.

Ursa Minor Pro 3 from by Tamas Butuza

Guide 9.0 from  by Project Pluto

Lunar Phase Pro from by Gary Nugent

Lunar Map Pro from

Virual Moon Atlas 5 from by Patrick Chevalley (Freeware)

Imaging Software:-

PHD Autoguiding from by Stark Labs (Freeware)

Backyard EOS from by Guylain Rochon

HandyAVI 4.3 from by Howard C. Anderson

SharpCap from (Freeware)

Processing Software: -

Registax 6 from by Cor Berrevoets (Freeware)

AIP4WIN 2 from by Richard Berry and James Burnell

VirtualDub from by Avery Lee (Freeware)

Astroart 6 from

Reduc V5 friom by Florent Losse (Mailware)

Computer Software that I Use