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Over the years I have used many suppliers of astronomical equipment, on this page I have listed some who have given me excellent service, but obviously, I cannot give any guarantee that you will find the same level of satisfaction that I did, but from my own experience I can recommended any of them.

Rother Valley Optics:  01909 774369

Telescope House:  01342 837610

Harrison Telescopes Ltd:  01932 703605

Sherwoods: 01527 857500

SCS Astro Ltd:  01823 665510

Pulsar Optical:   08456 349192

Modern Astronomy:  02028 7639953

True Technology Ltd:  01189 700777

365 astronomy:   02033 845187

Astronomiser: HTTP:// 07708 490738

Opticstar :  01619 699008

First light Optics:

Some of the Suppliers that I have used